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Conducting a Successful Employee Engagement Survey

2021-08-16T13:45:36-04:00October 15, 2013|Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys|

When I think back on all the jobs I've ever held, the ones that stick out in my mind are the ones where I was an engaged employee. I was truly invested in the work I was doing, had meaningful relationships with my coworkers and felt that the things I did on a daily basis were helping the company reach a broader goal.

Understanding BCG’s 8 Core Focus Areas Blog Series Part 4

2021-08-05T02:46:42-04:00September 10, 2013|Employee Engagement, Employee Surveys|

In order to truly understand what makes a company a great place to work, it is important to explore, evaluate and improve several different aspects of the employee experience. Best Companies Group manages more than 40 “Best Places to Work”, “Best Employers” or “Best Companies” programs. We use an employee survey that has 8 very distinct areas of evaluation. We call them our “8 Core Focus Areas” of employee engagement and satisfaction. We have created this blog series to explore each of those “8 Core Focus Areas.”

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