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Creating a workplace where people feel heard, seen, and like they belong is hard work. Get recognized for having created an Inclusive Workplace and stand out with top talent.

Get insights on what is working and how your people feel at work. Using our over 15 years of expertise in employee engagement, and partnering with COLOR Magazine, a leader in corporate inclusivity, we are launching our Inclusive Workplace program.

Best Companies Group

How does the Inclusive Workplace program work?

The results will only be assessed at the company level. We will survey all of your employees, and use the survey ratings and its comments from your employees to rate your workplace. Take a look at the questions we’ll ask here. Please also see our statement of confidentiality.

This is not a ranking nor a competition. We don’t want to pit companies against each other, or discourage any company from participating because they don’t want to “lose.” We will use an employee survey focused on inclusivity and belonging at work to gauge how your people feel at work.

If you meet or surpass our data-driven benchmark, you’ll get recognized by Best Companies Group and COLOR Magazine as an Inclusive Workplace for the next year.

What if I’m not sure if we are an Inclusive Workplace?

Why Consider Joining The Best Employer Program?

  • We believe inclusion and belonging are very important, and very personal topics. Because of that we want to create a welcoming environment for companies and employees to participate.

  • The survey to employees will not disclose anything about this being an award or ranking. It will simply ask them for their honest opinion on “the progress your company has made in creating an inclusive workplace.”
  • If you meet the threshold and get recognized, you get to decide how you want to celebrate (and we believe you should!).
  • If you don’t, only your HR team will know that, and they’ll have the opportunity to purchase reporting and insights that give you an action plan forward.

How much does it cost?

It is now FREE to participate! We will survey all of your employees, tabulate your results, run our assessment process, tell you if you’re an Inclusive Workplace, and list you on our website.

Logo usage and an enhanced profile will be available for purchase.

The Next Registration Deadline: May 10th, 2024

For this Survey Window: June 11th-25th, 2024

12-months of Recognition will start: July 2024 – July 2025

Inclusive Workplace Program Registration Spring 2024

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