Transforming a Mid-Size Bank into a Premier Employer



A mid-size bank with a commitment to excellence in employee satisfaction and a desire to enhance their brand reputation within the financial industry and local market sought to address retention challenges, reduce recruiting costs, and elevate its brand recognition within the industry.

As their trusted partner, it was our mission to help them assess and understand their work environment and culture.

Our Objectives


The bank collaborated with us to conduct a comprehensive Best Employer Survey, delving into crucial areas tailored to their specific needs such as diversity, inclusion, employee satisfaction, culture, and benefits. Leveraging our benchmark data, we provided a comparative analysis and strategic recommendations to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Utilizing the survey results, we facilitated the bank’s participation in a prestigious industry recognition program, positioning them as a top employer in the banking sector.

The Results


The client sought to enhance their brand reputation within the financial industry and local market. By collaborating with Best Companies Group and utilizing the Best Employer Survey, the mid-size bank effectively reshaped its workplace culture, leading to notable enhancements in retention rates, reduced recruiting expenses, and an elevated brand perception. Prioritizing employee satisfaction and leveraging industry recognition, the bank firmly established itself as a leading employer in the competitive banking sphere. As a result, this client continues to engage in these surveys annually, further reinforcing their commitment to excellence.

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