Best Companies Group

Channel Partner Marketing: Best Practices

Best Companies Group is committed to making the “best” programs a success. Here are our recommended best practices to ensure the promotion of the program is a success.

  • Omni-Channel Strategy: Utilize an omni-channel marketing strategy to include email, display, social media and content marketing
  • Message: Include important positioning on why your audience should participate in the program.
  • Creative: Create compelling and attractive assets including a program logo, clear call to action and program registration link.
  • Timing: Create a marketing promotion schedule to ensure marketing is consistent throughout program registration.

In order to launch and maintain steady registrations over the course the program, we recommend that our partner promote the program across multiple channels, including:

SCHEDULE a minimum of four email announcements to your audience.

Ideal cadence: At launch, mid-way, 7 days before registration closing, and 48 hours before registration closing

3X ORGANIC social media posts across Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Ideal cadence: At launch, mid-way, 5 days before registration closing.

DEPLOY digital display ads to inform your website visitors of the program and drive traffic to the registration page. The display ads should have a clear message, value proposition and call to action.

Ideal cadence: throughout the entire duration of the program registration.

POST a note from the Editor or a content article that introduces and explains the reasons why companies should consider participating.

Ideal cadence: live for at least 30 days in a prime location on the website.
Shared in enewsletters when possible.

Our program managers are here to help provide you with the tools and resources needed to make this program a success. Please contact your designated program manager with questions.