You just completed an employee survey. Now what? Time to put those results to work!

The New York Stem Cell Foundation is one of the many companies that works with Best Companies Group and our “Best Places to Work” programs.

Their story below is just an example of how one company utilized its survey results and created a work environment that allowed employees to engage with each other and put their survey responses and suggestions into action.

NYSCF Senior Director of Operations Cindy Anzel wrote her Oct. 22nd blog on how she decided to use the survey feedback from the “Best Places to Work” survey process. In regards to the survey results she received, she said, “With such great feedback, we wanted to put a program together to encourage the positivity to continue. At NYSCF, we have many exciting work-related events throughout the year (scientific symposia, public outreach, and development events) but we wanted to focus on giving people the opportunity to see each other and build a stronger community when we aren’t in our lab coats.”

To read more of Cindy’s blog and to find out how NYSCF is using the survey data they received to build a better workplace, click the link below!

If your company is interested in learning more about our employee survey, please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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