2022 Great Employers to Work For in North Carolina Winners


15-49 Employees Category


Mackenzie Ryan

  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Industry: Staffing

  • Employees: 16

Locked Arms & Long Strides

At Mackenzie Ryan, the team “stands together with locked arms and long strides” to achieve company goals and consistently improve. The staffing agency has invested significant time, energy, and resources into building a creative, caring, and growth-oriented workplace culture. Staff also serve on Change Committees that work to improve diversity & inclusion, culture, new employee onboarding, wellness, and community outreach.

Mackenzie Ryan staff bring their pets to work, and beer taps events start at 4 pm. Surprise employee appreciation days are rewards for the team’s hard work and dedication. Every year, high-performing staff can take a rewards trip and see their benefits grow, from days off to their spin on the reward prize wheel.

Mackensie Ryan

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The Brooks Group

  • Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Industry: Consulting

  • Employees: 24

Fostering Personal & Professional Growth

The Brooks Group allows people to grow into roles that best suit their personalities, goals, and skills – and the company helps them get where they want to go to achieve long-term happiness and success. TBG employees work hard, but a healthy work/life balance is encouraged and accomplishments are rewarded with special events and bonus days off.

Beyond personal and professional development, the company’s Culture Club brings fun activities and lots of food to the office. Every other week, they host a lunch featuring a game and put on twice weekly in-office lunchtime yoga classes. As one employee said in a recent survey, the TBG environment keeps staff “skipping to work”.

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Four Seasons Plumbing

  • Location: Asheville, North Carolina

  • Industry: Services

  • Employees: 27

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Julie Warnecke

Support & Open Communication

A residential plumbing company, Four Seasons Plumbing strives to build meaningful relationships, challenge employees, provide growth opportunities, and collaborate to make a difference in the community. The company offers generous pay and benefits and values two-way transparent and open conversations so staff always know where they stand.

With weekly team-building exercises, employees know that they can turn to their managers and their colleagues for support when needed. Every Friday, staff gather for catered breakfast, a team meeting, and improv games, and each month, anniversaries and birthdays are celebrated with a cookout.

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Eller Residential

  • Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Employees: 30

Successful Employees, Successful Company

Eller Residential understands that if their team members are successful and fulfilled, their company will be too. They’ve established a culture with core values of collaboration, integrity, excellence and loyalty that “feels like a family” where every employee knows their efforts are appreciated.

With opportunities to develop skills, advance their careers, and earn bonuses, staff can move up quickly and enjoy competitive compensation, great benefits, and flexibility. Eller employees work hard, but also find time for fun, with deep sea fishing trips, baseball games, watch parties, and the annual bocce tournament.

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  • Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina

  • Industry: Financial Services

  • Employees: 33

Surprise Gifts & Furry Friends

Every so often, a surprise package arrives at the doorsteps of Nottingham employees with gifts like sweatshirts and mugs with hot cocoa packages – it’s just one of the ways this financial firm shows appreciation for their hard-working staff. Most Nottingham team members can choose to work from home or at the office, where they are welcome to bring their dogs to work with them.

Each month, the company hosts lunches for fellowship and productivity – and they get creative with those meals, including oyster roasts and German feasts with craft beer. Nottingham offers comprehensive compensation and benefits packages and offers a healthy work-life balance.

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Zoe Dental

  • Location: Asheville, North Carolina
  • Industry: Healthcare Provider
  • Employees: 31

Sweet Treats, Clean Teeth

Employees at Zoe Dental find plenty of opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally, in their challenging, fulfilling, and meaningful work environment. Along with a strong benefits package, the company has a philanthropic spirit that goes above and beyond donations to local charities and includes hosting free dental clinics for people in need and veterans.

Zoe Dental celebrates wins, big and small, with dinners out, catered meals in, weekend trips, and shopping sprees. Employees are encouraged to attend quarterly trainings and are rewarded for both achievements and longevity. Every month, the team enjoys events with ice cream, cookies, and other treats.

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Capital Investment Companies

  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Employees: 42

Feels Like Family

Many of Capital Investment Companies’ 42 employees have been with the company for more than two decades - a testament to the rewarding, family-like atmosphere. Guided by a forward-thinking management team, they are independent, adaptable, and flexible.

Each year, the team goes on two retreats, one to Myrtle Beach and the other to Pinehurst, where they can relax, strategize, and spend time together. Employees also look forward to the annual Christmas Bingo game and party, pot lucks, catered lunches, and on-site charity and team-building events.

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Falcone Crawl Space

Dirty Jobs They Love

Employees at Falcone Crawl Space aren't afraid to do the dirty work, and they say working at Falcone is the "dirtiest job you'll ever love". Team members work both hard and smart, fostering a close-knit and fun culture. On campus, staff relax and unwind with ping pong, basketball, foosball, cornhole, disc golf - and a double kegerator.

At Falcone, the opportunities for growth are endless, with performance-based pay and special ceremonies for accomplishments, such as to mark rookie graduations and achievement of "Crawlologist" status.

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Essentia, Inc.

  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Industry: Communications
  • Employees: 25

Empowering Creativity

Essentia has created a unique working environment, where everyone is encouraged and empowered to innovate - even in more unexpected departments like accounting and human resources. The company’s core values are innovation, collaboration, impact, and judgment, all of which serve as the foundation of their culture.

With a flexible and fun culture, the spirit of entrepreneurship is strong. Staff can find mentors and other learning resources to improve their skills and advance their careers. Awards and shout-outs for good work are frequent, as are get-together events, celebrations, and themed virtual learning and socializing discussions.

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ONUG Communications, Inc.

  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Employees: 29

Trivia Games & Team Building

At ONUG Communications, employees have fun, grow their careers, and achieve results. Each day, the team participates in all-company calls with trivia, ice breaker questions, and information sharing. Twice a quarter, there are both team-building events and community service events for staff to give back.

The environment at ONUG Communications is hard-working while remaining casual and relaxed. Additional perks for employees include shared Costco memberships, access to season tickets for professional hockey and baseball teams, team lunches, generous benefits, and performance bonuses.

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Champion Comfort Experts

Providing Comfort with People First

Champion Comfort Experts was founded to support others, and they bring that philosophy to their workplace, too, by putting people first and providing their employees with ample opportunities to flourish. The company believes in a “top-down pyramid” culture, where employees are at the top and treated with dignity and respect.

At monthly all-staff meetings, employees who go above and beyond are recognized and team competitions are put on to help staff bond and have fun with each other. The company puts on breakfasts and lunches for staff to feel appreciated.

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Consumer Education Services Inc.

Gingerbread Houses & Relaxation Spaces

Consumer Education Services, Inc. is a non-profit that empowers people to lead financially-healthy lives. It’s an empowering place for its staff, too: they provide employees with all the tools and training they need to carry out their mission in a flexible and fun work environment.

CESI is a call center, which can be stressful work. That’s why they’ve established places in the office where team members can take a break and relax. Fun contests are held frequently, too: winners of ugly sweater, pet photo, and gingerbread house competitions are voted on and receive gift cards.

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Verigent, LLC

  • Location: Huntersville, North Carolina
  • Industry: Staffing
  • Employees: 34

Ideas Welcome

A nationwide staffing firm, Verigent brings their core values to every aspect of their business and workplace culture: honesty/sincerity, appreciation, fairness, partnership, community, excellence, and service. In that spirit, ideas from employees at all levels of the organization are welcomed. Learning and development are encouraged, as they key to both individual and company success.

Employees come together frequently for happy hours, trivia nights, and cornhole tournaments. At Verigent, both professional and personal are celebrated in ways big and small. At the end of every year, top performers are awarded a trophy and a special Rewards Trip somewhere warm.

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