2022 Great Employers to Work For in Indiana Winners


15-49 Employees Category


Powers & Sons Construction Co

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Construction

  • Employees: 46

  • CEO: Mamon Powers Jr.

A Culture of Sharing

At Power & Sons, everything from the company’s values to its profits are shared. Employees are mentored, listened to, and awarded for embodying eight core values of collaboration, community, customer care, excellence, fun culture, integrity, safety, and support. The company promotes a healthy work life-balance, too: no meetings outside of business hours are allowed.

From giving back in the community to competing in the Annual Chili Cook-Off to taking breaks in the recharge room – complete with massage chairs and the calming sound of waterfalls –Power & Sons team members find warmth, fun, and integrity in all they do.

Powers & Sons Construction Co
Powers & Sons Construction Co

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  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Technology

  • Employees: 22

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Jim Goldman

Laughing Together, Even Remotely

A fully remote company, Trava has nonetheless found ways to bring its passionate team of experts together. With virtual ice-breakers at company meetings, regular happy hours, and creative quarterly events like a picnic at the CEO’s home, volunteering at the local food pantry, and a casino night, employees not only work hard, they have fun.

Trava values transparency and welcomes ideas and inputs from all its staff. Employees do serious work – cybersecurity and cyber insurance – but don’t take themselves too seriously. Even when times are tough, team members always find ways to laugh, connect, learn, and improve together.


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Found Search Marketing

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Advertising/PR/Marketing

  • Employees: 47

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Julie Warnecke

Flexibility and Balance

Unlimited vacation is a great perk – but only if employees feel empowered to actually take time off. That’s why FoundSM requires their staff to take at least two weeks off a year to support a healthy work/life balance.

With a flexible work schedule and healthcare benefits for their human staff and their beloved pets, FoundSM trusts and invests in their collaborative, hard-working, and creative staff. They also know how to have fun: they host everything from happy hours to volunteering events to ugly sweater parties.

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Building Blocks

  • Location: Evansville, Indiana

  • Industry: Non-Profit

  • Employees: 23

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Aleisha Sheridan

Happy Staff, Happy Kids

The non-profit Building Blocks knows that a happy, passionate, well-trained, and fulfilled staff is vital to achieving its mission to increase access to improved childcare and early education in southern Indiana. They offer training to help their employees grow professionally and a flexible and healthy environment to support their personal well-being, too.

As an organization that works with children, they know that creating space for fun and creativity is a key to success – that’s why they host silly contests and days for costumes and special themes, as well as spontaneous early closings and team meals.

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The Objective Group of Companies

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Health Care

  • Employees: 23

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Nancy Gregori

Pride and Investment in People

Investment in your company’s future starts with investing in your people. Objective Group has taken that philosophy to heart. They help employees further their skills with training, earn their degrees through tuition reimbursement, and celebrate growth and accomplishments with bonuses.

The staff takes great pride in their work, and bond with their colleagues in company events like holiday parties, employee appreciation week, and monthly birthday lunches. Objective Group also knows it’s important for staff to relax and recharge: they host stress management workshops, personal development classes, and bimonthly chair massage sessions.

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R.E. Dimond and Associates, Inc.

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Engineering

  • Employees: 28

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Daniel Dimond

A Lifelong Career

Engineering firm R.E. Dimond invests in its staff, fostering growth and offering new opportunities from entry to executive level. Their employees often stay for years: for example, the average tenure for members of their design team alone is 16 years.

To encourage staff to bond, socialize, and have fun, the company hosts events all year long, including monthly summer cookouts, a cornhole tournament, and a chili cookoff. R.E. Dimond also recognizes staff who show a positive attitude and help enhance office morale with their annual “Keep Smiling” award.

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Vibenomics, Inc

  • Location: Fishers, Indiana

  • Industry: Advertising/PR/Marketing

  • Employees: 37

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Brent Oakley

“Good Vibes” at Vibenomics

At Vibenomics, professional and personal accomplishments never go unnoticed, and the company’s success starts with its culture. They gives out monthly awards to employees who embody their core values and every milestone is celebrated with a company-wide event, from birthdays to weddings to new babies.

The “Good Vibes” culture is dynamic and dedicated, with employees taking interest in each other’s passions both inside and outside of work, by greeting each other in the morning, collaborating on projects, showing up to a colleague’s art show, joining in the Dungeons & Dragons game night, or sharing pet photos in the designated Slack channel.

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Networks Connect Healthcare Staffing

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Staffing

  • Employees: 47

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Christopher Madden

New Company, Built on Culture

Networks Connect Healthcare Staffing is a rapidly-growing healthcare staffing company and, at just two years old, they've already built a lasting workplace culture. From dress up days to office games to making pets welcome, the staff has fun and feels free to be themselves. There are a growing number of ways for employees to develop skills and advance their careers, including a new internship program where staff can serve as mentors.

They may be a new company on the block, but Networks Connect Healthcare Staffing has started out on the right foot in the community by sponsoring families in need around the holidays and a new employee volunteer program.

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CertaPro Painters

Success Painted on Walls

At CertaPro Painters of Indianapolis, the painters are just as important as the clients. They invest in their staff, painters, and communities to encourage personal and professional development, and reward quality and success in a variety of ways. The highest-performing employees are qualified to attend the annual "President Club" all-inclusive vacation.

Their employees give back to local organizations and volunteer to better their community, while having fun. Each year, all staff are invited on a "float trip" on kayaks down the White River.

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Blackink IT

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Technology

  • Employees: 25

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Doug Allgood

Successful Staff = Safe Clients

Blackink IT knows that when their employees are successful, so are their clients. That's why they focus and invest in creating a positive workplace experience. As the cybersecurity industry has evolved, Blackink IT has expanded and moved to an improved office space, while honoring their mission to keep clients safe the same.

The staff enjoys happy hours and lunches together, as well as in-office competition days, where they show off their skills at darts, frisbee, and cornhole. Every quarter, everyone participates in team-building activities like rock-climbing and they look forward to the annual Christmas Party with its dinner and gift exchange all year long.

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Schneider Geospatial, LLC

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Technology

  • Employees: 49

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Jeff Corns

Employee Feedback Heard

When some companies ask for employee feedback, it lies forgotten in a spreadsheet. That's not the case at Schneider Geospatial, where they recently expanded remote work, holiday, and PTO policies as a result of staff surveys.

Schneider Geospatial strives to create an environment that is comfortable, welcoming, and fun. They have a game room, gym, and season tickets to Indianapolis Colts and Broadway Indy for employees to use. At monthly events, staff participate in friendly competitions like trivia, bingo, and map-drawing contests. They also reward longtime employees with company-paid trips once a team member has been with the company for 10 years, and every five years after that.

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MD Architects

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Architecture

  • Employees: 26

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Richard Renschen

Forward-Thinking Leadership

MD Architects is an award winning firm that provides a high-quality experience for both their clients and their employees. With a laid-back and friendly environment, staff feel valued, which brings out the best in them. Their leadership team is understanding, accessible, and forward-thinking, and the CEO has an open-door policy so that all staff can meet with him and discuss ideas and give feedback.

The team at MD Architects also knows how to have fun: every other Wednesday, there's a "hump day" celebration, as well as parties in the summer and at the end of the year to celebrate accomplishments and bond with each other.

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ITech Digital

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Security

  • Employees: 24

  • President : Mark Nazarenus

Work Hard, Play Hard

ITech Digital achieves their goals and gets things done in large part because they care about their customers and their employees. They have created a family-like culture, where everyone looks out for each other and sees each other as not just colleagues, but people who have full lives outside of work.

With encouragement, support, and accountability, the team at ITech Digital works hard and plays hard. Each team member is valued, and enjoys the regular company-hosted events and catered meals.

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