2022 Great Employers to Work For in Indiana Winners


50-249 Employees Category


The Garrett Companies

  • Location: Greenwood, Indiana

  • Industry: Real Estate

  • Employees: 160
  • President & CEO : Eric Garrett

Seeing the Whole Person

The Garrett Companies encourage creativity, reward results, and “treat people like people”. Fostering a culture of fun and wellness, their benefits range from an on-site gym to regular visitors from yoga instructors, masseuses, barbers, and car mechanics to a week-long company-paid ski trip to Telluride, Colorado.

Employees are supported in growing and pursuing their workplace passions and talents. At the same time, they are encouraged to embrace flexibility, to take time off for family events and recreation, and to work from home or the office as it suits them. As an additional incentive, The Garrett Companies offer long-time employees as much as $100,000 to support their children’s education.

The Garrett Companies

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  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Technology

  • Employees: 115

  • CEO & Founder: Don Brown

Innovation at Work

LifeOmic prides itself on a culture of innovation, transparency, and encouragement. Between the annual trip to Park City, Utah, for outdoor activities and bonding, the cash-incentivized staff wellness program, and the twice-yearly hackathon for passion projects and collaboration, employees find support in everything they do.

The company values input and ideas from all staff and is open about successes, challenges, and opportunities. LifeOmic also keeps communication lines free for discussions about diversity and inclusion, innovation, and product strategy.

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  • Location: Carmel, Indiana

  • Industry: Textiles

  • Employees: 74
  • CEO : Chris Fredericks

Employee Owned, Employee Success

More than a decade ago, TVF became 100% employee-owned, so all staff have the pride and benefits of ownership. An innovative textile company, every member of the team lives by five core values: putting relationships first, caring deeply, always improving, being accountable, and helping others succeed. Their leadership philosophy is one of transparency and constant improvement, allowing staff to flourish and the company to grow and succeed.

Working remotely in the pandemic, TVF developed creative and fun virtual activities for staff to connect, including virtual games like Bingo and Family Feud, remote happy hours, group chats about food, podcasts, and health, and a digital book club.


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Indy Auto Man

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Retail

  • Employees: 53
  • Owner & Innovator: Eugene Gorin

A Culture of Learning

At Indy Auto Man, the culture of learning and growth is everywhere. Offering a series of programs for employees to excel and expand their roles, the company also hosts quarterly events to recognize stand-out staff with awards and prizes. All team members have access to the Growth Library, where they can read books selected by leadership, write a summary, and earn cash.

The team at Indy Auto Man believes in openness and providing feedback to help others – at all levels of the company – improve and succeed. Any staff member can give direct feedback to any other member of the staff, regardless of seniority or department structure.

Indy Auto Man

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Onyx and East

  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Construction

  • Employees: 53
  • CEO: Kelli Lawrence

Building Homes and A Workplace Community

As a full-service homebuilding company, Onyx+East knows what it takes to create communities and make people feel at home. Their employee community is no exception: it’s fun, innovative, and inclusive, with monthly team-building events and regular opportunities to volunteer and give back in Indiana.

The company’s “Tie-It” philosophy translates into a workplace culture of togetherness, integrity, execution, innovation, and transformation. With deep respect for work-life balance and a flexible schedule, they treat their employees “like adults” – while still offering plenty of opportunities to play with the office Nintendo 64.

Onyx and East

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  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Industry: Consulting

  • Employees: 101
  • Chairman & CEO: Brad Benbow

The Name of the Game is Growth

Prolific helps emerging organizations grow – and that growth mentality is a core part of their employee culture, too. It starts on day one, when the company starts matching 401k contributions and offers an extensive on-boarding program to welcome and empower new staff. Prolific provides leadership training, recognizes achievements with awards and bonuses, and gives managers the tools to strategize and develop their employees’ career paths.

The company hosts monthly team lunches with guests who share their stories and expertise to help staff grow personally and professionally. Prolific also helps make life a little easier for employees with their abundant snacks and flexible hybrid work environment.

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Peepers by PeeperSpecs

  • Location: Michigan City, Indiana

  • Industry: Retail

  • Employees: 73
  • President & CEO: Alexander Sammann

Forever Learning

It’s not all fun and games at Peepers – but there are a lot of them: from cornhole and basketball to ping pong and puzzles, employees have many opportunities to relieve stress and recharge. Their culture is one of constant improvement and learning, especially from failures. The company’s leadership development and mentoring programs are designed to find and foster the next generation of leaders from within.

Staff are recognized for their work and ideas weekly, monthly, and annually with regular shoutouts, awards, and celebratory events like “Yay Day” for hitting sales goals. The team gives back, too: they support teachers, clean up highways, and visit the local Humane Society.

Peepers by PeeperSpecs

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Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Wabash Valley

  • Location: Terre Haute, Indiana

  • Industry: Healthcare Provider

  • Employees: 82
  • CEO: Trudy Rupska

Rewarding and Recognizing Work

There’s no doubt that providing home health and hospice care is rewarding work, but it can be difficult and draining as well, especially in a pandemic. At Visiting Nurse and Hospice of the Wabash Valley, management goes out of its way to provide for its employees and to show them how valued they are to the company and the people they serve.

Their staff are well-trained and well-equipped, and recognized in all manner of ways, including awards, events, and personalized, hand-written notes from management based on customer feedback. Employees can share feedback, report issues, and make suggestions to improve the workplace through a special committee.

Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Wabash Valley

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Overhead Door Company of South Bend

  • Location: Mishawaka, Indiana

  • Industry: Construction

  • Employees: 50
  • CEO & Owner: Martin Madden

Celebrating The Unglamorous Work

The Overhead Door Company of South Bend knows that installing and fixing garage doors “isn’t glamorous” and that’s why they take great care of their employees with generous benefits and quality equipment. They celebrate their staff at cookouts and the annual holiday party, and surprises like bringing in a gourmet hot dog cart.

Employees who go above and beyond to serve customers are recognized with the Iron Man, Best Supporting Cast Member, and Unsung Hero Awards.

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