Terms and Conditions

Executive Authorization Consent

I have authorization from the executive(s) to enter this organization into the program.

Eligibility Requirements Met

The organization I am registering meets the Eligibility criteria.

Survey Completion Agreement

The organization must complete BCG’s two part survey process including the Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire (EQ) and the Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey (EESS) according to the Timeline.

Minimum Response Agreement

The organization must receive a minimum number of responses on the EESS to ensure our data is credible. If not enough responses are received, our ability to be considered for the list or to receive a statistically valid BCG EnGauge Dashboard may be impacted.

Fees Agreement

I understand that we are responsible for paying for any additional services ordered (customization, translation fees, additional reporting, etc.). I also understand that if we withdraw after the registration deadline, we will incur an additional $250 withdrawal fee to remove our organization from the process.

Final Authorization and Executive Consent

By registering in the Best Places to Work in South Carolina program, I agree and commit to all of the above statements and confirm that I am authorized by the executive(s) of this organization.