Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey

The Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey consists of a combination of agreement-scale, open-ended and demographic questions. This survey makes up 75% of the overall score, and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We’ll analyze and categorize the results according to 8 Core Focus Areas:

Your organization may be interested in custom survey design options to generate more meaningful and actionable employee feedback reports.

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Assessment Process

Best Companies Group conducts a simple yet thorough company assessment designed to gather detailed information about your workplace.


Employer Questionnaire

Your company is responsible for completing the Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire where you’ll tell us more about company policies, practices, and demographics.

Employee Survey

Employee Survey

The Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey consists of approximately 77 statements that employees respond to along with two open-ended and seven demographic questions.

Want to customize your survey? Learn more.


Survey Method

Surveys will be sent directly from Best Companies Group via an email that will contain a unique link created for each individual employee.



How many of your employees will be surveyed depends on the size of your company. Please see the chart on this page to determine the fees regarding company size and survey method.


We work behind the scenes to sort the data, determine the rankings and produce your company’s optional BCG Insights Report package.