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Program Registration

Before completing the registration form on this page, Best Companies Group needs you to agree to the Great Employers In Connecticut program terms and conditions. The form will not submit until all mandatory fields are filled out completely and accurately.
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Organization Information

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Primary Contact

The Primary Contact will be the main contact for questions throughout the entire process and the recipient of all communications (via emails, phone, website and letters), employee surveys for distribution, feedback reports, etc.

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Secondary Contact

The Secondary Contact will be the contact for questions if the Primary Contact is unavailable.

Program Registration

Number of Employees: Tell us how many employees you have working in Connecticut.

If you employ more than 250 people, we will survey a random sample of your employees. Please enter the total number of employees (See Eligibility) working at this organization. Please do not include temporary, seasonal or per diem employees, PRN, 1099 employees/independent contractors, volunteers, interns, outside consultants or staffing employees placed by other organizations. (See Eligibility)

You must have a total of at least 15 employees to continue.

Survey Selection

Please see the chart below to determine the survey selection.

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Number of Eligible CT Employees Number of Eligible CT Employees Surveyed Early Bird Pricing
from Jul 28 - Sep 2 (discount)*
Regular Pricing* Savings
15 – 24** All $790 $875 Save 10%
25 – 99 All $810 $899 Save 10%
100 – 199 All $899 $999 Save 10%
200 – 499 Up to 250 $990 $1099 Save 10%
500 – 2499 350 $1035 $1150 Save 10%
2500 + 400 $1079 $1199 Save 10%

*To ensure the credibility of the information, companies with 15-24 employees must have an 80% (or better) response rate on the employee survey to be considered for the list. **Employees are randomly selected. Best Companies Group offers the option to survey more employees than the random sample calculated in the above chart, and/or include additional employees in the survey process who work in locations outside of the program area.

Number of eligible employees as indicated above.

Additional Information

We offer employee surveys in a variety of languages. Additional languages are available at $199 per survey translation. If you need alternate language surveys, please select the languages below, and we will contact you to confirm your selections. Selecting "YES" above will add $199 to your cart, per language.
Alternate Language Translation
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