At Best Employee Surveys, we are dedicated to providing you with an easy process to measure and then improve employee engagement at your organization. With 15+ years of experience, we’ve streamlined a complex process to simply deliver what you need: actionable insights and a clear path to improvement. As the research firm behind 70+ Best Places to Work programs worldwide, we manage surveys and deliver data and insights every day. When your provider can lead your organization through the process with minimal disruption, you’re free to focus on the business that you’re in. Read on to learn the five steps we follow for an easy employee engagement project.

Step #1: Project Design

The best process begins with a conversation to suss out the right setup, timing, and price for your employee engagement project. We’ll ask you a ton of questions to help us get to the bottom of what you need and how we can help. During our hour-long phone call, we’ll not only determine the best solutions for you but demo the tools. You’ll leave the call understanding project set up, the employee respondent experience, timelines, pricing and deliverables. We’ll get all your questions answered.

In fact, the first fact-finding call will begin the first step in designing the project you need to increase employee engagement at your organization. You’ll work with an experienced employee engagement expert and determine any custom needs.

If you like what you see, then you’ll plan a second call with your engagement expert. You’ll leave that second call with a PDF detailing each aspect of the project, so you have something to share with your team and to make decisions about. 

Step #2: Employee Engagement Survey

An essential step in the assessment process for 70+ Best Places to Work programs globally, our survey is PhD-approved and designed to ask the right questions and deliver the most meaningful employee data. You’ll be able to identify the root causes of underlying organizational issues while protecting the anonymity of your valued employees by partnering with a trusted third-party partner.

We’ll recommend best practices for communicating your upcoming survey to your staff and then hook you up with what you need to get it done. Here are just a few:

Send or post an announcement from the human resources team a week or two in advance.

Step #3: Data & Insights Generation

After the employee engagement survey is complete, you’ll receive actionable reporting. Structured to reflect your unique organization, your reporting will provide you with everything you need to understand your biggest opportunities.

Step #4: Analysis & Clear Path to Action

During your reports analysis call(s) – best attended by executive leadership and human resources – we’ll identify not just strengths and weaknesses in the areas of employee satisfaction, but what’s driving employee engagement at your organization. 

When we complete your call(s), you’ll know exactly which two or three things you should do, to improve employee engagement over time. Many of our customers generate reports and hold analysis calls for various areas of the organization, putting each senior executive in position to react to his/her data. Your process will be determined by your needs and goals. 

Step #5: Pulse Survey to Measure Progress 

This step, often missing from typical engagement initiatives, is arguably one of the most important. Included in your employee engagement project, the Pulse Survey is designed to do an immediate deeper dive into your data or to measure progress against your improvement goals. Our most successful customers have seen gains of 10-20 points in the areas they’re trying to effect!


Getting Started

You need to know what your employees think. Are they happy? Are they engaged? Do they plan to leave? Would they go the extra mile to see you succeed? We’ll help you collect the feedback you need to maximize retention of your best employees.

When you’re ready to learn more about employee survey timelines, process and pricing, schedule a time to meet with one of our employer coaches. We’ll get all your questions answered.


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