“But what are they going to do with the feedback we give them?” That’s what “Sasha” wanted to know, when she called to ask a few questions about the employee survey she was participating in. “How do we know it’s not just going to go into a black hole, with all the other stuff?”

In fact, Sasha’s not alone. Lots of employees have taken a survey and never heard another word about it. But that’s not going to happen to your organization. Not when you work with us. Here are three reasons why:

  1. You’ll be armed with an effective employee communications campaign. It will promote your survey, support response rates, and acknowledge the feedback you’ve received.
  2. Your employees will experience excellent and confidential employee feedback collection.
  3. You’ll not only receive actionable reporting but we’ll facilitate an hour-long reports analysis call with your leadership team to help them get the most out of your process.

Sample Agenda

So, what exactly happens in that reports analysis call? Here’s a sample agenda:

  • Orientation: How to read your reports.
  • Uncover: How does your data measure up to excellence?
  • Identify: What is most likely to drive employee engagement at your organization, given your unique data set?
  • Determine: Which areas of your group will benefit most from action to increase engagement over time?

When you walk out of your reports analysis call, you’ll understand what two or three actions should be taken first, to increase engagement over time.

Multiple Analysis Calls

Many of our customers have complex organizations (i.e. multiple brand units, senior leaders responsible for unique areas, etc.). In these cases, employers often decide to equip each leader with the feedback report and analysis call she needs to improve employee engagement in just the area under her leadership.

If you’re tasked with mobilizing senior leaders to receive their reports and then schedule their analysis calls, read our article to learn best practices.


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It’s powerful to know what your employees think! You can identify problems like poor supervision, communication breakdown, and mounting plans to leave your company before expensive turnover affects your business.
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