Most of us understand that the only way to collect actionable data from employees is by working with an outside vendor. But how do you choose the right one for your organization? Read on for the top considerations when hiring an employee survey provider.

They Have a Great Reputation Among Employers and Employees

Whomever you work with should not only engender confidence from the leadership team, but also the rank and file who will trust – or not trust – that their identities will be disassociated from their responses. Additionally, they should have a known reputation in the field of employee engagement measurement. Working with experts ensures you’ll have a trusted adviser as you move through the process.

Their Survey Tool is Flawless (and customizable)

While some employers absolutely need a custom employee survey – because they are measuring attitudes around unique initiatives at the organization or are conducting leadership assessments – more than 95% of the 6,000+ organizations we surveyed last year used our standard Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey; because collecting exactly that kind of feedback has become employer best practice. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to use a great tool year after year.

They Provide an Easy Process

When your provider can lead your organization through the process with minimal disruption, you’re free to focus on the business that you’re in. If you’re curious, here’s our 5-step process for an easy employee survey.

Their Reports Are Actionable

Measuring employee engagement is a great first step, but taking action to improve is the difference between average and excellent employers. Our actionable reports and analysis process make clear what needs to happen to increase engagement. If your organization has multiple brands or areas of operation, our process is also built to hold leaders of those areas accountable for making change happen.

They Deliver Great Benchmarking Data

It helps to see data from similar employers, so you can develop a sense of how you measure up in the marketplace. Each industry has its own unique trends. Benchmarking data reports can be of great value to your organization. For example, banks typically have lower levels of agreement with the statement: Staffing levels are adequate to provide quality products/services. Does this mean that the banking industry is a terrible one to work in? Absolutely not. It does indicate that there’s something about banking that creates this belief. If you’re a bank, it would be nice to compare your employee feedback data to other banks of a similar size, so you’re comparing apples to apples.

They Are Affordable

Gone are the days when even world-class employee surveys cost $100,000. Our own survey projects start at $5995 for a full engagement project. Work with a provider that specializes in the kind of survey you want, so that you’re not paying for invention, only ease and expertise.


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It’s powerful to know what your employees think! You can identify problems like poor supervision, communication breakdown, and mounting plans to leave your company before expensive turnover affects your business.
When you use our free checklist to hire the best survey provider to meet your needs, you’ll keep in mind the most common considerations and help facilitate internal conversations about the needs of your organization.

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