After a long winter, summertime is finally here and we’re all dreaming of sandy beaches, fun getaways and playing in the sun. While maybe we can’t close our offices for the summer months, we can take advantage of the season – at work – by adding some fun perks to keep everyone engaged at the office. Now is a great time to put a little extra emphasis on team building and employee appreciation.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Eat Your Heart Out

What is it about food that brings people together? Whether you bring your employees out for a beautiful dinner, share a potluck lunch together, or have the boss make pancakes (like we do!), breaking bread together creates connection.

Consider having an ice cream cart pop up at the office or smoothies every Wednesday. Whatever you do, bring your teams together over food and watch the bonds between them grow even stronger.

Get Out of the Office

Since everyone’s already itching to get out of the office, use that momentum for team building and employee appreciation. Now’s a great time for company outings, offsite family days and even company-sponsored walking and running clubs. Give your employees discounted tickets to amusement parks and local sporting events. Volunteer together!

Give the Gift of Time

There are so many different ways that employers are giving their staff extra time for play. Whether you give employees the option to bank time or you just give it to them, an even slightly-extended weekend is a great way to show employee appreciation and help your team enjoy the fun spirit of the season.

Consider hosting a peer recognition weekly giveaway that recognizes and rewards one team member for going above and beyond. Give them a day of PTO to use during the summer months.

There’s Something About Fridays

What is it about the last day of the work week? If you so something – anything – on Fridays during the summer, it’s a good thing. Whether it’s bagel breakfasts, half days or happy hours at 3 p.m., when we managers celebrate Friday along with our staffers, we can all feel a little happier together.


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