When I think back on all the jobs I’ve ever held, the ones that stick out in my mind are the ones where I was an engaged employee. I was truly invested in the work I was doing, had meaningful relationships with my coworkers and felt that the things I did on a daily basis were helping the company reach a broader goal.

Employee engagement is something that many employers work toward; the Aberdeen Group recently found that 70% of global organizations have some sort of engagement strategy. However, 68% of organizations don’t have any formal process to measure engagement.

So, why the disconnect? Employee engagement surveys themselves are time consuming to design and execute. Then there is the issue of what comes after the survey results are in. Experts say that if you can’t spend a dedicated amount of time taking action on survey results, you shouldn’t even conduct a survey, because employees who are not surveyed at all are more engaged than those whose companies survey them but take no action.

Are you confused yet? We can help! We work with organizations to create and administer employee engagement surveys that will collect and provide meaningful feedback. Our survey tools are customizable and enable you to drill down into specific areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. The reports you receive are easy to understand so you can develop action plans quickly.

Read more to find five tips for a successful engagement survey and why a culture of engagement, and not just a survey, is so important for your company.


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