We’ve all been there…

You’re under a tight deadline, eating lunch at your desk and wishing someone would bring you a cup of coffee so you wouldn’t have to tear away from the screen for three minutes to go put on a fresh pot. And so you sit, eyes straining over emails, backs hunched over, not ever thinking about the fact that it has probably been about four hours since you last stood up, walked around or even stretched.

Not only is this lack of movement hard on your body, it is also hard on your productivity.

While you may think not budging from your work will be better for your career in the long run, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Luckily, many companies are realizing that movement in the office is a good thing, and they are actually asking employees to leave their desks, stand and stretch, or encouraging employees to go out and play.

For many companies, recess is back and employees couldn’t be more excited for it.

Check out the article below to learn what other companies are doing to promote recess for their employees and how companies are benefiting from getting everyone up and moving one step at a time.



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