Benchmark Report Pricing

Benchmark Report Pricing

The purchased BCG Insights Report package will include:

  • Access to the new interactive BCG Insights Reportal with multiple levels of data in one easy-to-navigate dashboard where graphs, charts and heat maps can be viewed and downloaded.
  • All the static reports you are used to receiving can still be downloaded:
    • Employee Demographic Report
    • Employee Comments Report
    • Employee Benchmark Report
    • Employer Benchmark Summary

Orders received on or before Jun 10, 2022, will receive a 10% discount off the price of the BCG Insights Report package.

In order to purchase reports, you must first register for program participation. Please click here to register.

If you have already registered and would like to purchase your BCG Insights Report package, please click on the Order Your Reports link below.

BCG Insights Report package – A Management Tool

Purchase your BCG Insights Report package NOW and SAVE 10% off the price.* The package includes access to your organization’s data on our interactive online Reportal. The Reportal contains multiple levels of reporting with drill downs, heat maps, charts and graphs.  View percentage of positive and negative responses to each of the 77 questions asked of employees as well comments, and employee and employer benchmarking.  Similar reports can cost thousands of dollars if initiated independently.

*Discount expires Jun 10, 2022

Order Your Reports

Insights Report Package Fees (optional)

Number of Eligible US Employees Number of Eligible US Employees Surveyed Pre-survey Pricing (discount)* Regular Pricing* Savings
15 – 24** All $875 $975 Save $100
25 – 99 All $899 $999 Save $100
100 – 199 All $1025 $1125 Save $100
200 – 499 Up to 250 $1075 $1175 Save $100
500 – 2499 350 $1175 $1275 Save $100
2500 + 400 $1225 $1325 Save $100

*Fees are non-refundable. **After Jun 10, 2022 the reports go back to regular pricing.