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How to become The Best at Work: As a Leader, Employee, and Culture. Join Jaime Raul Zepeda, Executive Vice President at Best Companies Group, for honest and helpful discussions with some of the most insightful leaders in HR and business. Available on Google podcasts, Spotify, RSS, and (soon) Apple podcasts.

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Toxic Culture for Being Too Nice at Work?

Many well-intentioned leaders strive to create a pleasant, congenial company culture. However, taking “niceness” too far can breed an insidious toxic culture that damages organizations. Recent research indicates toxic cultures obsessed with politeness struggle with...

ERG Best Practices and Keys to Success

Forbes’ recently published an article on best practices to creating a thriving ERG. That got us thinking about some best practices for ERGs in American organizations. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the best practices...

HR: A Crucial Ally in Navigating Economic Uncertainty

Economic downturns are inevitable parts of the business cycle, and they pose substantial challenges to organizations. Human Resources (HR) departments, however, can make a significant impact during such periods, assisting companies in navigating through the...

Why Mental Health Matters to Workplace Productivity

Why Mental Health Matters to Workplace Productivity The linkage between mental health and workplace productivity is no longer a topic of debate. The mental well-being of employees significantly contributes to their output and overall performance....


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